Ricardo Pinto Web design/Web development & motion graphics I carry out projects with simple, functional design, I like to be creative and work efficiently. I specialize in the online presence, the "simultaneous view" between visual expression and communication. The image of a company or individual extends an energy of their identity, I work with this dynamic to create each new project a new browsing experience. A practical idea that can transport the message and brand personality, in a interactive and balanced way.english
  • Web Vitamins
    Whats new? Recently arrived to WA, ready to undertake the aussie challenge! Working on my new blog, a place to share experience and ideas. Building jetlag, a elearning project for social interactions. Cooking new augmented reality apps in Flash Builder & Android for Ecolezíria - A waste management company.
  • Miss e Mister Almeirim Zoysial Avatar App A HTML5 Web app built for Zoysial ~Web Site~
  • Arte Natureza e Vida CRM Chart A simple ajax Interface chart,a client relation management app for Zoysial
    ~Web Site~
  • FIFCA FIFCA Information brochure for Almeirim Council International Folkdance Festival - 2012
  • Jetlag Jetlag RTMP Rich Internet Aplication built for elearning powered by Flash Builder~Web Site~
  • Realidade Aumentada Augmented Reality app Print the pdf, click in the image above and face the Pi marker to the camera~Marker~
  • PET 21 Radar App Geo Location of my top Twitter followers in HTML5~Web Site~
  • LIAIME LIAIME House Builders, LDA Web Site Development with custom CMS integtration ~Web Site~
  • Concurso Foto Almeirim I Photography Contest of Almeirim A project for a Photography Contest - 2010~Web Site~
  • FIFCA FIFCA Information brochure for Almeirim Council International Folkdance Festival - 2012
  • CADCA CADCA Opening animation for a local sports club.Ver vídeo
  • FIFCA 2012 FIFCA 2012 Website para o Festival Internacional de Folclore do Concelho de Almeirim ~Web Site~
  • App FIFCA para Facebook App FIFCA Fans page Facebook app for FIFCA~Web Site~
  • FIFCA FIFCA A motion graphics with stills for FIFCA.Ver vídeo
  • FIFCA FIFCA Marketing video for FIFCA 2012 Ver vídeo
  • FIFCA FIFCA Motion graphics for a tribute to the painter without arms "José de Jesus".Ver vídeo
  • Vídeo 3D 3D short animation Made in Blender, inspired in PIXAR opening animation logoVer vídeo
  • Vídeo 3D 3D Display Stand From sketch to implementation, built with Blender.
  • Vídeo 3D Company Display Stand Graphic design and branding (boards, roll-up-display, k-line) for Ecolezíria - CNEMA.
  • PET 21 PET 21 Technology Project Specialization PET 21 for e-Learning. ~Web Site~
  • Ecoleziria Ecolezíria Aa rebranded and rebuilt website for a Renewables & Environment Company - Ecolezíria ~Web Site~
  • Ecoleziria Ecolezíria Custom Facebook page for Ecolezíria, EIM~Web Site~
  • Brochura Brochure Ecolezíria Renewables & Environment Company Activity Brochure.
  • Brochura Brochure Ecolezíria Renewables & Environment Company Info Brochure.
  • Brochura Booklet Ecolezíria Renewables & Environment Company Info Booklet (Ecopontos).
  • Brochura "Reciclar é poupar" Marketing video for Ecolezíria, a Renewables & Environment Company. Play vídeo
  • Miss e Mister Almeirim Miss & Mister Almeirim Developed in partnership with Fernando Veríssimo, for the 2009 event. ~Web Site~
  • Arte Natureza e Vida Arte Natureza e Vida A project for Istmo built in HTML5 & CSS3 - Computer Graphics 2011.
    ~Web Site~
  • e-Skills
    Photoshop/Illustrator/UI Design
    Premiere/After effects/Encore
    eu@ricardojmpinto.com CV RESUME
    References "Excellent and professional competence in the development of multimedia products." - Dr. António Pisco "Ricardo was very engaged in all activities under its streamlined collaboration with CCTIC/ESE." - Cidália Marques "An excellent professional!" - Francisco Pereira "Thanks for your work, and for having accepted to be part of this project!" - FIFCA "A sincere, honest person whose work is always done with perfection..." - LIAIME Construções, LDA